Find out alternatives to PayPal and Payoneer. Best Online Payment Solution.

You will need to buy MasterCard in various online markets such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba etc. to buy products and advertise on social media like Facebook or domain hosting. PayPal and Payoneer are so common in Bangladesh. However, you have to apply online to get PayPal or MasterCard. Which may seem like a problem to many. This is not the end, PayPal does not approve from Bangladesh. So many people use payoneer for higher fees.So no one is satisfied with online transactions. But now there is no reason to worry. Because Bangladesh has come up with an alternative solution for PayPal and Pioneer

Alternatives to PayPal and Pioneer:

We usually use PayPal and Payoneer –

1) Shop online retail shops.

2) Advertise on social media and other global websites.

3) To send payment outside the country.

4) Buy software, apps and games from online store.

3) Buy domain hosting.

Now, you can do all of this without PayPal and Payoneer. Over a million merchant websites around the world are now in your hand. MasterCard is offering you the most secure and unique virtual prepaid cards in the world. There is nothing that cannot be done by it. Virtual cards are the safest and easiest to use. Now you can make all kinds of online transactions with Bangladeshi money.

What is a Virtual Card?

A Virtual Card is a card where anyone can register without a bank account, the card is available in a short time after the simple verification, can be paid online from anywhere in the world, no monthly or yearly fees. 

 Due to the fast registration system and easy payment process, Virtual Card is accepted by customers worldwide as the best online payment instrument. In some cases, anyone can take a virtual prepaid card without exception, and they can pay for any activity only when they are happy! You do not have to sit down to make a payment to see how far it reaches.

You can spend the same amount of money you load on your card, without any additional fees. Moreover, all of your information here is completely secure, with no opportunity to be exposed. Your transaction information will also be kept confidential. Not only that, virtual cards are created using trusted security technologies and encryption systems. As a result, your money is unlikely to be hacked.

What can you do ??

1) Buy online from over a million sites around the world (eg Amazon, e-Bay, Ali Express, Rakuten, Overstock, etc.

2) Pay for your online advertising campaign (eg Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram etc.

3) You can buy anything you need including games, apps, tools, songs, series, movies from your smartphone or computer online.

4) Make payments easily for your import-export business anywhere in the world.

5) Paying the course fee online and competitive competitive fees like GRE, TOFEL, GMAT, SAT etc.

6) Virtual card can now be paid for all your expenses including going to foreign land, cutting plane tickets, hotel bills, car rental.

7) You can buy your domain and hosting from the top ranking site. (Ex: bluehost,,, hostgator, Godaddy, namecheap)

8) Give your favorite people a surprise with all the virtual gift cards. It can be purchased online using this gift card.

Technology is giving you the simplest and safest transaction system. It is not too far off the day when people will use the virtual card with the exception of wallet or wallet.