Increase Wi-Fi Speed ​​In These 4 Easy Ways!

Many of us feel annoyed with the slow pace of the Internet. When you want to use the Internet over Wi-Fi connection, there are times when there is a connection but there is no speed at all. That is, there is no internet speed. However, this problem can be easily released! Let’s learn how to increase Wi-Fi speed –

  1. Change router location:

To speed up the Wi-Fi connection, you must first change the router’s position or adjust its position. In many cases, the Internet cable inside the router’s house is kept very close. It should not be at all. Many times the router’s antenna is not positioned properly. Because of this, it is not possible to send and receive signals from the antenna on all sides. For this reason, the router should be placed in such a way that the router can send signals or receive signals everywhere.

  1. Adding Advanced Antenna to Wireless Router:

Many times the router’s position can not be improved or enhanced. In that case you can change the antenna to increase performance. If there are too many walls or obstacles around the router, you can try to increase the router’s performance by using an external antenna in front of the router or properly. Because the speed of the router will increase the Internet speed.

    3.Add Wireless Repeater:

If you wish, you can use a wireless repeater to extend the network range on the router. This repeater will act as a bridge between the router and the connected device. You will find many good repeaters in the market at low prices.

 4. Stop downloading background data:

Often, the speed of the internet network may slow down for multiple tasks running in the background. If multiple tabs are running simultaneously in the background of a user’s computer, tablet or phone, the speed of the Internet will be reduced. In order to speed up the Internet, unnecessary applications or tabs should be closed.Then you will see that the internet speed has increased much more than ever. Moreover, when the Internet slows down, the router will restart, but it works. When the router restarts, the speed works normally.